Dec 12

Did the Miracles of Jesus launch the evolution of consciousness in Humanity?

What did the miracles of Jesus reveal about this Man?

Was he truly the Son of God? How does that make him any different to the rest of Humanity?

Can we truly duplicate the Miracles of Jesus?

Jesus said: “Anything I can do, you can do also and more”.

How is that possible?

What are the Miracles of Jesus about?

Find out the true nature of these miracles in

Edition 2 of Meet Jesus The Alchemist, Discover the Next Evolutionary Step for Humanity,

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Nov 03

What are Lucid Dreams?

What are Lucid Dreams?

Ever wondered what is the function of dreams? If there is a difference between a dream and a Lucid Dream? How they relate to your waking life?

The link below provides a fascinating interview by Lynne Malcolm of ABC Radio on the program “All in the Mind” broadcast on Saturday, November 1st, 2014, featuring

Stephen La Berge
Founder, Lucidity Institute, Stanford University
Paul Davies AM
Director of the Beyond Center, Arizona State University
Nano Daemon
Author: ‘Fate or destiny?’

Lucid Dreams and Other Dimension of Reality

Life and beyond are intrinsically connected through dreams and lucid dreams. This is a vast subject and the exploration of realities beyond the waking life can be exhilarating and offers the greatest possibility to get experiential knowledge of our inner world and the workings of the cosmos that spin and drive our lives.

Nano Daemon’s passion is the study of the mind, exploring the nature of reality, consciousness and altered states of consciousness, astral projection and lucid dreams.

These subjects are fully explored in her books which can be obtained from her website:

or her Amazon Author page:

Are Lucid Dreams the Portal to the Afterlife?

Those who have experienced it and moved beyond will swear it is. The only way you will know for sure is to try it yourself. You will be hooked.






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Sep 03

FATE OR DESTINY? Journeys into the Supernatural and Realities Beyond


FATE OR DESTINY?   A true story that reads like fiction:

Shattered by the betrayal of those she loves and trusts unreservedly, this is the true story of an enchanted personal journey that the writer finds herself undertaking, while all she wishes for is to “wake up dead”. Little does she know what these very words will come to mean.

As her natural world crumbles around her, a supernatural world, full of wonder and awe, open up to her, disclosing new dimensions of reality beyond the realm of her imagination or comprehension.

Scraps of memories from a long forgotten past gradually resurface into her consciousness. Interspersed with visions and ominous dreams, these tell her of things to come, which shake her up and awaken her to unsuspected possibilities.

Is life predetermined?” is her quest for the truth.

Piecing the fragments together to make sense of it all, her new reality unfolds like a detective story.

As the alchemical processes of transformation take place in her interior world, “Life, Death, Resurrection” take on a surprising new meaning:

Nano, Wake up!”

* * * * *


Journeys into the Supernatural & Realities Beyond

Available from Amazon

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If you enjoy this book, I would very much appreciate a review on my Amazon Page. You could also start a discussion on Amazon about the various topics raised.  A lot of the insights related in this book are explored in greater details in my other books which you will find  by clicking the link below.

Are we prisoners of our Fate or can we choose our Destiny?


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May 07



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How are Evolution, the Law of Attraction, The Matrix or Witchcraft related?

(Q&A Series Book 3) – US Link to Kindle – UK Link to Kindle – Aust Link to Kindle Store

Discover the Elements that go into The Alchemy of Transformation

It is becoming increasingly accepted that there are other dimensions of reality outside of the physical reality of our 5 senses. These dimensions are glimpsed trough spiritual awareness, psychic development, an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or an NDE (Near Death Experience). The number of individuals accessing this reality is increasing exponentially. The higher dimensions are now open to the human mind and access is available to the seeker.

This Series of 3 Q&A Books addresses the most vital questions and provides answers to open up to the reality of these dimensions. It also introduces the elements that facilitate access to the higher levels of awareness.

Book 1 addresses the nature of reality, consciousness and the mysteries of life & death.

Book 2 offers insights into the questions of the psychic faculties of the mind which provide access to our inner world and the world beyond.

Book 3 takes you into the elements of Alchemy that transmute our human nature into our divine nature.


Discover the R/Evolutionary ANSWERS to Life’s Big QUESTIONS.

Questions in this series:


Q21 – What is Evolution?
Q22 – What is Time?
Q23 – What is Alchemy?
Q24 – What is the Law of Vibration?
Q25 – What is the Law of Attraction?
Q26 – What is Manifestation?
Q27 – What is Witchcraft?
Q28 – What is the Matrix?
Q29 – What is Truth?
Q30 – What is the Origin of Humanity?


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Feb 27


You don’t need a Kindle to read this book! You can get the free reading software for any computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone @

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Harness your Imagination, Meditation and Self-Hypnosis to Attain Psychic Perception

 (Q&A Series Book 2) – US Link – UK Link – Aust Link

Discover the Answers to Life’s Greatest Questions

What is life? What is death? What is consciousness? Are some of the questions answered in Book 1 of the Q&A Series.

In book 2, get ready to…

Discover the Mysteries of Your Psychic Faculties and Much More

Ever wondered about the mysteries of life and death, the nature of reality, consciousness, the world of dreams and the afterlife, and how these are interrelated? And how is it that an ant knows how to be an ant, a tree knows how to be a tree, but a human being does NOT know how to be a human being? S/He strives to become a human doing, a human having, in an effort to become a human being. S/He is geared to learn and earn.

The Q&A Book is a series of 3 books designed to unlock the mysteries of life & death, consciousness, the nature of reality, the secret of dreams and their relationship to the afterlife, offering a new and unsuspected perspective on life’s challenging questions.

Each book in the series covers 10 major questions to acquaint you with the various faculties inherently in our makeup, and designed to create a shift in perception which will provide the keys to opening up the portals to the other dimensions of reality.

Above the 5 sense of touch, seeing, hearing, taste and smell, that we humans share in common with the animal kingdom, we are all endowed with 5 higher senses, reserved for mankind, that we need to access. These faculties, which lie dormant and need to be activated in a bid for us to become Co-Creators with the Universe, require a drastic shift in consciousness which can only take place when we dislodge ourselves from the patterns of belief that keep us locked in our current predicament, the meaning we attach to words, and our understanding of the Nature of Reality.

Discover the R/Evolutionary ANSWERS to Life’s Big QUESTIONS.

Questions in this series:


Q11 – What is a Dream?
Q12 – What is Hypnosis?
Q13 – What is Self-Hypnosis?
Q14 – What is Meditation?
Q15 – What is Imagination?
Q16 – What is Mind?
Q17 – What is the Brain?
Q18 – What is the Ego?
Q19 – What is Psychic Perception?
Q20 – What is a Mystic?

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