Nov 03

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What are Lucid Dreams?

What are Lucid Dreams?

Ever wondered what is the function of dreams? If there is a difference between a dream and a Lucid Dream? How they relate to your waking life?

The link below provides a fascinating interview by Lynne Malcolm of ABC Radio on the program “All in the Mind” broadcast on Saturday, November 1st, 2014, featuring

Stephen La Berge
Founder, Lucidity Institute, Stanford University
Paul Davies AM
Director of the Beyond Center, Arizona State University
Nano Daemon
Author: ‘Fate or destiny?’


Lucid Dreams and Other Dimension of Reality

Life and beyond are intrinsically connected through dreams and lucid dreams. This is a vast subject and the exploration of realities beyond the waking life can be exhilarating and offers the greatest possibility to get experiential knowledge of our inner world and the workings of the cosmos that spin and drive our lives.

Nano Daemon’s passion is the study of the mind, exploring the nature of reality, consciousness and altered states of consciousness, astral projection and lucid dreams.

These subjects are fully explored in her books which can be obtained from her website:


or her Amazon Author page:


Are Lucid Dreams the Portal to the Afterlife?

Those who have experienced it and moved beyond will swear it is. The only way you will know for sure is to try it yourself. You will be hooked.






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