May 07

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How are Evolution, the Law of Attraction, The Matrix or Witchcraft related?

(Q&A Series Book 3)

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Discover the Elements that go into The Alchemy of Transformation

It is becoming increasingly accepted that there are other dimensions of reality outside of the physical reality of our 5 senses. These dimensions are glimpsed trough spiritual awareness, psychic development, an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or an NDE (Near Death Experience). The number of individuals accessing this reality is increasing exponentially. The higher dimensions are now open to the human mind and access is available to the seeker.

This Series of 3 Q&A Books addresses the most vital questions and provides answers to open up to the reality of these dimensions. It also introduces the elements that facilitate access to the higher levels of awareness.

Book 1 addresses the nature of reality, consciousness and the mysteries of life & death.

Book 2 offers insights into the questions of the psychic faculties of the mind which provide access to our inner world and the world beyond.

Book 3 takes you into the elements of Alchemy that transmute our human nature into our divine nature.


Discover the R/Evolutionary ANSWERS to Life’s Big QUESTIONS.

Questions in this series:


Q21 – What is Evolution?
Q22 – What is Time?
Q23 – What is Alchemy?
Q24 – What is the Law of Vibration?
Q25 – What is the Law of Attraction?
Q26 – What is Manifestation?
Q27 – What is Witchcraft?
Q28 – What is the Matrix?
Q29 – What is Truth?
Q30 – What is the Origin of Humanity?


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