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The Mystic’s Advocate

The following is an exerpt from my book “The Seventh Sense – Your GPS to the Cosmos”


What is a mystic?

Forget about degenerated interpretations. Look at the root of the word and it will tell you. Mystic and mystery have the same root, originally a mystic was a seeker of mysteries. Specifically the mysteries of creation.

At the dawn of awareness, Man was struck by curiosity. He wanted to know. He took to gazing at nature in search of answers, and lo and behold nature responded by opening up to him and revealed her secrets.

Nature is the ‘Encyclopaedia Universalis’. She possesses, records and releases all the answers. Homo sapien must discover the right questions to ask.

The information divulged depends entirely on the perspective of the inquisitor and the quality of the questions asked.

Consider a handful of dirt. Think of how much knowledge it imparts to:

     an archaeologist
     a biologist
     a detective
     a gardener
or even a fortune teller

What happened to the mystic is this. The practice of fixating the gaze helped him develop the power of focused attention and intention, and this, coupled with his intense desire for knowledge induced an altered state of consciousness which took him directly to the source of creation and its creator. He thus had direct access to the archetypal forces that shaped the Universe, which he was able to observe and assimilate. Language was then rudimentary and inadequate to describe what he saw but he came back with knowledge unavailable to the average human who belonged to the herd mentality, and still does to this day.

As man began to understand and control nature, a love affair with the material world developed and he lost sight of his origins and the true nature of reality, and soon these were relegated to myths & legends.

In the distant past, high priests and shamans were the demi-gods that disseminated this reality. The advent of religion gave a bad name to the practice and the gods abdicated.

The dark ages followed.

As science advanced in leaps and bounds, having taken over where the gods left off, the time was ripe for the glory of science to sweep the world and spread its own gospel of truth, and nothing else remained sacred, while the masses of the populace turned to drugs, alcohol, the excesses of food, sex and gadgets to block out the voice within seeking answers.

Mystics and scientists represent the opposite polarities of the human mind, its yin and yang nature. Both groups are seekers, driven by the unrelenting desire to find answers to the same nagging questions of life.

The difference between the mystic and the scientist is one of focus.

The mystic focuses within and trains himself to remain passive and receptive – open to all incoming information – and finds himself face-to-face with the source of creation. This source is limitless, intangible and invisible to the human eye. Its nature is unchanging and cannot be transmitted adequately. His is the world of imagination and cause and the experience is subjective.

The scientist focuses on the world outside and, remaining alert, actively watches, analyses, sifts through data, using the 5 senses, narrowing down his research to tangible results, validated by statistics. This knowledge is cumulative and can be communicated to others. His is the world of vision and effect and the experience is objective.

The subjective and the objective are the two sides of the coin that constitute the currency of life. The dilemma is that we cannot see both sides of the coin at the same time.

The subjective gives rise to the objective. Vision is a projection of imagination. The mystic apprehends reality, the scientists tries to comprehend it.

Neither form is superior to the other, but favouring one simply limits us to that modality, and robs us of the many advantages of the other. Masters, geniuses and prodigies use both modalities.

To illustrate this point, let me quote 2 of our most prominent scientists:

Isaac Newton:

“Gravity explains the motions of the planets,

but it cannot explain

WHO set the planets in motion”


 “The most beautiful and most profound experience

is the sensation of the ‘mystical’.

It is the ‘sower’ of all true science”

The discovery of quantum physics has taken science from the solid, materialistic view of matter to the world of sub-atomic particles where everything is reduced to energy. In this quantum field of infinite probabilities, where chaos reigns and nothing seems certain and all is relative, matter is no longer visible or measurable. Observations are reduced to mathematical equations, abstractions and symbols.

For scientists to reach and grasp these worlds, they have to abandon their conventional methods and, taking full leave of their senses, enter the world of their imagination and, trusting it blindly, they have to bring back their findings to the world of physicality and face the heathen.

Unwavering faith in their methodology becomes their religion and abstract mathematical equations and symbols their bible.

Willingly or unwittingly, scientists are trespassing into the realms of the mystic and are having to face the same dilemmas.

According to evolution’s agenda, the two worlds are inevitably merging and the scientist is finding himself in the deplorable position of reluctantly becoming “The Mystic’s Advocate”

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